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Sling Blade review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 23 September 2013 03:06 (A review of Sling Blade)

This movie is absolutely riveting and wonderful. I didn't expect Billy Bob's performance to be THIS good, and that doesn't even start to cover it. From the first sequence I was completely hooked, even if the movie is developing quite slowly.

All the characters have this damaged quality to them and they just make you think it's so real, just like real life. The connection between the characters, sometimes the disconnect even, makes for great performances throughout the whole movie. The cinematography is superb also, and the directing style is flawless.

One of the best films and performances in modern cinematography. At timers it even reminded me of Daniel Day Lewis' performance in My Left Foot, but the characters are just different. They are rugged and raw and desperate, which only adds to this great movie's qualities. Just go and watch it already!

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Raising Arizona review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 20 September 2013 06:54 (A review of Raising Arizona)

How can you not love this movie? I mean, it's the Cohen Brothers, and they are genius, in my opinion.

This movie is quirky, incredibly funny and weird, and it has all the ingredients a Cohen movie should have, great cinematography, great filming and a ton of quirkiness. It just makes you feel warm inside. Nicholas Cage, I think, was superb, as well as Holly Hunter and all the other characters. I was laughing from the first minute into the movie.

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Crash review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 19 September 2013 04:32 (A review of Crash)

Crash is I think, so far, my favorite erotic film. I find the combination between the eroticism shown through the character's fetish for car crashes, and the weirdness throughout thoroughly entertaining and interesting. All the characters are very well contoured, like sex on legs - driven, completely by their fetish and sexual fantasies. It's a very honest, bizarre, and why not - creative movie, and certainly not for everyone.

That's precisely what makes it good in my book. Also, James Spader, man, he's made for movies with sexual content (remember Secretary?). He just exudes perversion in the most seductive manner, if that even makes sense. Holly Hunter is, as usual fantastic. Just that attitude she always has, despite having to play a certain character - just always gets me. Elias Koteas as Vaugh was pretty great, his character made me feel the passion he had for his fetish.

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The Last Lions review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 18 September 2013 09:03 (A review of The Last Lions)

One of the best documentaries ever made, just heartbreakingly beautiful and haunting. Also, Jeremy Irons is the narrator, so yes, great.

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Grave of the Fireflies review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 16 September 2013 04:28 (A review of Grave of the Fireflies)

One of the most depressing movies I have ever seen, if not the most depressing. I loved the way the movie was made, from the drawing of the characters to the way they expressed stuff, even for an animation - very profound. The saddest thing I have ever seen I think until now was the part that shows why the movie is called the way it is.

It's hauntingly beautiful and I don't think I have ever described an animated movie in such words.

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The Talented Mr. Ripley review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 16 September 2013 04:01 (A review of The Talented Mr. Ripley)

This was one of the first Mind Fuck movies I have ever seen, and I suppose that that is a huge reason why it's one of my all time favorites. Even though, let's face it, it is pretty mind boggling, at least that is how I did and still do perceive it. Just the sheer perversion of Matt Damon's character taken into consideration and there you have a fantastic movie. The setting and costumes and editing of the movie are also wonderful and make for a great viewing experience.

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Moon review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 16 September 2013 03:44 (A review of Moon)

Moon must be one of the most interesting movies I've ever seen. The interaction between Sam Rockwell and GERTY must be one of the most sincere and superb ever. I think it is a very sophisticated movie, even if it falls into the Sci-Fi genre. It just drags you into it, even if it would seem like a slow movie, considering the few actors it casts, it still keeps you curious. I can appreciate that a whole lot in a movie. It makes it more than interesting.

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Eraserhead review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 16 September 2013 06:41 (A review of Eraserhead)

First and foremost, I think that David Lynch is a fucking genius and I love all of his work tremendously. Eraserhead is such a classic.

I can’t even begin to describe the tension in this movie and the special effects. According to Wikipedia, this is a surrealist/science fiction/horror/fantasy film and it truly is a masterpiece because of these genres brought together. Lynch describes this movie as his most spiritual movie and I would sell my first born to find out what exactly he had in his beautiful mind when he stated that.

Eraserhead is gory but not to the extent of other movies in my opinion. It has that specific lynchian feel where you just sit and cringe while watching, even though there’s not a lot of blood shed going on, the characters are in themselves gory, their attitude, the way they talk, the way they express their feelings, everything about lynch’s characters is gory - and that is more terrifying than any other movie of the genre. And I love him immensely for it.

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Shutter Island review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 16 September 2013 06:00 (A review of Shutter Island)

The best thing about this movie, besides the cinematography, which, surprisingly, I liked a lot (perhaps because it was dark and morose) is the fact that it keeps you in suspense. Leo di Caprio was never a favorite of mine, but I’ll admit that he can get into character well at times, and in this movie he did.

shutter island was pretty predictable for me. That is the whole reason why i decided to watch it in first place, everyone was crazy about the turn of events in the movie and that made me pretty much curious as fuck - oh well, big disappointment for me there…

All in all it was a nice movie because of the tension and the suspense. It could’ve done better.

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Happiness (1998) review

Posted : 10 years, 7 months ago on 16 September 2013 05:46 (A review of Happiness (1998))

Happiness totally is one of my favorite movies and i will forever watch it with immense pleasure.

all the actors do such a wonderful amazingly good job, but especially Philip Seymour Hoffman, he truly became one of my favorite actors after this movie. It’s so full of unexpected things and it has such a great shock value, even if it’s a comedy. It’s just such an awesome movie that I can’t even find words to describe its awesomeness. For me it’s the king of black comedy.

All I could do to make it justice is say GO FUCKING WATCH IT NOW. It’s a masterpiece and it will make you crazy with laughter and you won’t believe your eyes and your ears. I think Happiness is the only movie I ever super gladly recommend people when they ask me about movies; because it has everything and it is so surprising you’ll fall out of your chair. A million stars from me.

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